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Who is Efsane Odağ and Who is Afet?

Who is Efsane Odağ?

She was born in 1986 in İzmir. Efsane is graduated from Theatre Department of Ankara University. She has started her career with ‘Unutma Beni’ in 2011.

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Who is Afet?

Hasan’s wife and from İzmir. She is an orphan. Afet works in a cafe when Hasan stays in İzmir for his military obligation. Not only Hasan falls in love when he sees her, but Afet also loves him. Hasan proposes marriage to Afet when his military obligation ends. Afet accepts this proposal and comes with him to a city that is unknown to her. May be as psycology of an orphan, she becomes the mother of all of the Kaya family. So, Sebahat is like her mother. Afet is exactly a housewife but also a wolf when required for her family values.

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